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    We realize buckets, multi ripper, inches buckets and many other accessories, also personalized, for mini excavators.

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Inches buckets

It is applied at the first arm, without disassemble the bucket, having a kind of “tong” to enliven trunks, stones and other. When it is not used, it will remain under the arm without hinder the regular operation of the principal bucket.



The subsoiler rake or multiripper is a bucket rake that is ideal for agriculture, building and gardening: it roots out stones and weeds, it levels the ground and it moves materials. It is simple, effective, practice, it helps to spare time and money. It is available with cornerstone or with round tube.

Benna grigliata

Barbeque bucket

Barbeque bucket is a special bucket for a selection of materials of various kinds, to drainage and land cleaning, to preselect material that is a result of a demolition. Our buckets are effective, strong and cheap.

Pinze per escavatori

Tongs for excators

Our tongs with 5 teeths is suitable for any excavator from 10 to 30 quintals. It is a mechanical tong ideal to handle and shift trunks, stones, logs and brushwood. It has been built with high strength steel and it ensures reliability and duration over time.

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